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Featured Stories: 

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1968 Summer 2010
An Unlikely Return

Peggy & Steve return to their Peace Corps Village
Sahn Malen in Sierra Leone
after 42 years
2008 Greetings
from the Garbers

2008 Balloon Adventure
2007 Greetings
from the Garbers

Galapagos Toast
Little People
Puzzle Hunt

Evil Troll
(October 16, 2007)
 2007 Japanese Garden Gatehouse Village Project

GateHouse Village Model 
(This is a large file and may take time to download & play)

2006 South African Animal Stories for Our Grandchildren - (Links will be active soon)       

Giraffes Sail thru Treetops The Lions are Full Zebra Stripes Make Me  Dizzy Elephant Trunks Baboon Friends Hippos Yawn Lions at Dawn

Other Stories (Links will be active soon):

Carl Jensen Open House at Camp Waskowitz  - May 26, 2007  
Grandma C's December 2006 Storm

The Garbers 2006 Holiday Letter
The Garbers 2005 Holiday Letter

The Garbers 2004 Holiday Letter
Team Griffith at Kebun Marga Windu
- May 2004 - A visit with friends in Indonesia
Indonesia 1997 - an earlier visit with Bob & Eti
The Last Garber Harvest - A photo essay of the crop fire in Reardan, Washington on 8/17/2002

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